High Quality Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder. What is it?

Posted on January 26 2023, By: Luke Alcock

Traditional matcha tea is made with a bamboo whisk (chasen) and a matcha bowl (chawan)

High Quality Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder. What is it?

High quality matcha from Japan is a form of powdered green tea. It is made from harvested tea leaves that have been shaded from sunlight. They are then steamed, dried, and stone ground into a delicate powder

High grade matcha is smooth and delicate in texture, has a vibrant green colour, a pleasing umami fragrance, and a very mild, authentic taste.

Japanese matcha tea has a rich history in Japan dating back centuries. As the center piece of Japanese tea ceremony, matcha represents harmony, elegance, and tranquility. Matcha is also versatile and has been adopted by the modern culinary world. It's popular in sweets, matcha latte, as an ingredient for baking; the list goes on.

From Japanese tea ceremony to matcha latte, matcha powder is versatile and healthy

Organic Matcha

Organic matcha tea is made without the use of synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides.

Organic tea farms in Japan work tirelessly year-round to maintain their crops. Cleanliness is imperative to keep the bugs and insects out. The tea plants must be trimmed by hand. Soil quality must also be carefully managed. But it's a labor of love for the traditional matcha tea farms in Japan.

Premium matcha green tea powder is shaded for a minimum of 20 days before harvest

Artisan Crafted Japanese Uji Matcha

Organic Uji matcha is the most authentic and highest quality matcha tea. Our Uji tea farm uses traditional methods that have been established over its 270 years in operation. Now a twentieth generation family business, producing matcha tea to the highest standards is how they pay respect to their ancestors.

Uji, Kyoto, home of the best matcha green tea powder in the world

Our matcha tea is shaded for a lengthy 30 days before it is harvested in spring. This is 10 days longer than the standard protocol for matcha production in Japan. The extra shading time enhances the umami flavor in their organic matcha powder.

Being a generationally run business, the family live and breathe matcha. Growing up learning about matcha tea, its history, Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu), and best practices to cultivate matcha, is the reason why our matcha professionals are the best at what they do. Only trained eyes can produce artisan crafted Uji matcha.

Is Uji Matcha good for you?

Matcha contains catechin compounds including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Matcha tea may help protect you from free radical damage, thus reducing your risk of chronic disease.

Certified organic matcha is a healthy tea with many health benefits

Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha

Matcha green tea powder has a long list of health benefits.

Matcha tea contains concentrated amounts of antioxidants, l theanine amino acid, chlorophyll and various other powerful tea plant compounds.

Drink one cup of matcha tea daily to:

  • protect your body from free radicals

  • strengthen your immune system

  • improve your focus and memory

  • improve your sleep

  • increase your physical strength

Matcha green tea powder is also beneficial for weight loss, increased energy levels, and eye health benefits.

Read more about organic matcha tea health benefits here.

Matcha green tea is easy to incorporporate into your daily routine, even in Australia

Is matcha green tea powder same as green tea powder?

Matcha and green tea powder have different properties. They come from the same camellia sinensis tea plant. Both are categorized into green tea. Depending on their manufacturing methods, each produces its own different flavours, nutrient profiles and colours. Read more about matcha vs green tea here.

The best thing about quality matcha is how versatile it is.

Not everyone has time to whisk their matcha. In Australia where smoothies and juices are common amongst health conscious individuals, matcha can be easily incorporated. Simply blend a teaspoon of matcha powder with your smoothies, add to your protein powder, or shake it up with your favourite juice.

Hot or cold, the options are almost endless. Matcha is also a great coffee substitute. It still contains caffeine, however much less than a regular cup of coffee.

If you're a tea enthusiast and interested in whisking your matcha the traditional way, click here for more info.

Matcha green tea made with a bamboo whisk

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