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Our matcha is certified organic, and certified Uji matcha by the Japan Patent Office.
Packet of ceremonial grade matcha with matcha powder beside it

Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha

Packet of latte grade Uji matcha with a matcha latte beside it

Premium Latte Grade Uji Matcha

White stand up food pouch containing matcha Uji latte-grade matcha powder with a small pile of matcha powder in front of the pouch

Wholesale Uji Matcha

Light blue chawan matcha bowl on a bench

Chawan Matcha Bowls

Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Matcha whisk set with bamboo whisk, bamboo matcha scoop, and ceramic whisk holder

Matcha Whisk Set

Matcha set with chawan, whisk, scoop, and matcha

Make Your Own Bundle

Premium Health Japan branded gift card with matcha powder and a green tea leaf

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