Matcha Sets: Craft Your Own Bundle

Put Your Matcha Set Together

Select the products you want and the quantity for each. We have a variety of matcha bowls available, so don't forget to select your favorite one! Then proceed to checkout below.

Matcha Tea Bundles

Choose from our premium selection and craft your personalized matcha set. The more you add, the richer your experience.

Why Choose Our Matcha Sets?

Personalized Experience: Craft your set to suit your taste and preferences.

Quality & Authenticity: Each product promises a genuine Japanese matcha experience.

Mix & Match: Enhance your matcha moments by pairing complementary products.

How to Prepare Matcha

Follow the instructions from our matcha experts and make the perfect cup! For a detailed version, check out our How to Make Matcha page.

Stay, Explore, and Elevate Your Matcha Moments

Don't just stop at one. The more you explore, the richer your matcha experience. Dive deep, mix and match, and craft your perfect matcha moment.