Découvrez le coffret Matcha parfait pour vos rituels de thé

Bienvenue dans notre sélection d'ensembles matcha, où la tradition rencontre l'élégance. Chacune de nos collections est conçue pour vous offrir une expérience extraordinaire du thé matcha directement chez vous.

The Whisk - Complete Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

Experience the art of traditional Japanese tea ceremony with "The Whisk - Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set." This set is a complete package for matcha enthusiasts, offering all the essential tools for a perfect cup of matcha.

The set includes a Bamboo Whisk (Chasen), traditionally used to mix matcha powder into a smooth, frothy tea. The Matcha Scoop (Chashaku) is the ideal tool for measuring the perfect amount of matcha. The Whisk Holder (Kusenaoshi) helps maintain the shape of the whisk and extends its lifespan. Lastly, the set includes a packet of our ceremonial-grade Organic Uji Matcha, a high-quality green tea powder from the Uji region of Japan.

This set is an excellent addition to your tea collection or a thoughtful gift for tea lovers. It offers a taste of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, right in the comfort of your home.

Matcha tea bowl and whisk set including a chashaku and matcha powder